Hype versus research

A lot of market research preceded the launch of Upoffiz. PROFACTS & Vlerick Business School and iMPULSE studied the needs of employees. Part of this was the VR test led by Jelle Demanet. We incorporated the insights from this research in the development of our state-of-the-art office concept.

In which spaces do people perform best and which environment reduces stress levels? We took this under the loop, using a VR test. This allows you to make choices very early in the design process that benefit the company, but especially the employees.

Curious? Jelle Demanet is happy to explain it in more detail.



1. Jelle Demanet about the advantages of a VR research



2. How a VR research can help to make choices



3. VR research for Upoffiz on stress levels of people

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